School counselors and administrators are often burdened with huge caseloads of students.

We partner with your school’s team to bring our college prep materials to your students, parents, and teachers.

college admissions counseling, career coaching


Our specialized workshops are tailored to address your school’s particular needs. Whether that’s helping your students draft personal statements or explore colleges, or training your faculty on letters of recommendation and general college admissions support, we are here to help.

college admissions counseling, career coaching


Our college admissions coaches work with your students one-on-one to supplement counseling departments.


At Prepory, we believe learning materials should maximize student success at all levels. Our online learning content helps students prepare for the college application process, their future career, and life beyond high school. To meet the needs of your school’s unique student body, our course materials can be customized to feature the assignments, modules, and assessments your student’s will most benefit from.

Before Prepory

After Prepory

On average we’ve helped partner schools realize a 250% increase in acceptances to elite colleges and universities.

college admissions counseling, career coaching
Working with Prepory has been nothing short of amazing. The tools they have shared with our students in combination with the work we as counselors do will help students further their education and continue striving for success. I’m so happy we are all on the same team!
— Michelle Escoto, School Counselor at Pinecrest Preparatory High School

Our team of young and relatable college admissions experts are able to build real relationships with your students that make the admissions process seem like more fun than work.

college admissions counseling, career coaching

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college admissions counseling, career coaching

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